I have been speaking for a little over a decade now and just recently became a Certified Life Coach. I have addressed audiences as diverse as Credit Unions, school children, small business people, even Mental Heath care professionals and Sunday School Teachers. Universally, they wanted to laugh and learn something.

Whether it is working on how the changes in the economy might help instead of hinder you, or if you are feeling the brochure (life) promised you more, the people I have coached and spoken to assure me that I left them better than I found them.

I live in Kingston with my loving wife, Elizabeth,  raised my amazing daughter Bethany, play with computers, argue Theology, and champion causes which make life better for the mentally ill.


My vote is for Wayne Pratt, he always made me laugh, LOL.

Irene Wiens, Carriage House Creations

Carriage House Creations

Wayne’s unique views on social media, marketing, commerce, the internet, life, family, and the future of entrepreneurship captivated our audience. His rambunctious style, energy, and passion are as motivating as his core message: “Trust your instincts, do what you love, and work your face off!”

M.A. Bell

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