Process Goals

Well, we are in a new year. It’s time to go from theory to the practical. What do you hope to achieve in 2018? How to achieve these things is simple. Simple, not easy. It starts with clearly defined written …




Do you want to get to the other side? Let’s assume your goals are the “other side,” so the steps from where you are  is the bridge. The other part of this metaphor is don’t try to jump the chasm  …

Being an Intrapreneur

Many people have struggled with employment, and several dream of being an entrepreneur, but that too has its pitfalls. May I suggest another option? Become an intrapreneur. What’s an intrapreneur?

Simply put they don’t work for, they work with. Instead …

A quick list to start with

When I first meet someone, and they hear I do motivational speaking, they often ask so how do you motivate?

I then assure them it is not witchcraft, and it fact, The only thing a speaker or coach can do, …

Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Coaching….The Movie. So…what’s happening with my potential coaching career?

Well, here is my prediction: Coaching will almost completely replace Motivational Training over the next few years.