First Things First Kingston

On behalf of Wayne and M.A., we’d like to thank you for attending our inaugural presentation on September 15th!

Since it was our first such endeavour, and although the venue left a lot to be desired, we were very pleased with the turnout and the way the audience received our presentations.

We sent out an email to those who attended, asking for feedback on the event, and we’ll be taking the suggestions we got into account for next time!

We were also delighted to get some very nice comments, some of which we’re sharing with you here.

Wayne, you did a super job for me.   I have it all.  Really I have it all; I have done it, been it, worked it, struggled with and through all of the stuff you talked about.

But I am in a new place now and some of the questions you asked startled me…made me think, which at my age is annoying because you THINK you know it all, have asked and answered it all…but apparently not! Susan Sly

Over all very nice presentations.

MA’s presentation was engaging.  Maybe next time you could add a demo of a working website with its layers and links.

Wayne left me feeling happy and uplifted. Amy

Why First Things First?

Wayne Pratt | Kingston, Ontario
When I finished Jack Canfield’s Train the Trainer course based on his best selling book, The Success Principals, I knew I wanted to teach what I had learned. When I started setting up the presentation, I started to think about how I could promise the energy, the knowledge, and the experience to make sure the audience got more than they paid for. Then it hit me. Bring others along with their wisdom and knowledge as well. Think about it, one room, one booking, with two different but complementary sessions. Perhaps as important, two different groups to mix with at the breaks to break down our echo chambers. Hope you have a good time. Wayne

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