In an earlier blog, I started a discussion on retooling. Later, I got thinking, what would make retooling in our lives more fluid? Firstly, we currently should not treat upgrading as dealing with the broken. You often see courses offered to train employees made obsolete, but we rarely take ownership to stay current and productive. Lifelong learning is making some headway, but we are nowhere where we should be. Secondly, consider why should we use an equipping and training model which is at least fifty years out of date. The machinery is the important part, you need thirty days to understand the machinery and if you don’t understand in that time we replace you. Now we are the expensive part, not the lathe or mill. Wait you say, what does that have to do with retooling or learning a trade like it was a craft? In the post war boom, at the plant you learned how to produce product  on some make or model of equipment. And that was about it. Could you produce enough? Was your waste low enough? Now the question is: Can it be made cheaper in Mexico? Should it be made at all? Think about it. If you ask a twenty something “what’s a fax machine? Do you know the answer you would get? Or what you call your cell phone has more smarts than your first five computers?. I am not saying this to depress or overwhelm, Again, I am only asking you to take some ownership Think more of forests and less of trees. If I can recommend an article to make this more prescriptive, “Personal Bests” Fortune March 15 2015. One short quote-MIT professor Alex Pentland says: “It is not simply the brightest who have the best ideas ; it is those who are best at harvesting them from others.”


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