Well, here we are, coming to the last few days of 2023. And often, in my blog, I ask and answer questions that I think my readers care about. I have trained as a speaker and coach, and generally, the questions revolve around doing or becoming more of what you want to be. I am usually an optimist, and I hope that when things seem like a struggle, I will get through and perhaps learn something. I have studied the experts, taken the courses, and read the books, but sometimes it does not always follow what the manual suggested!

Well, here is your turn.  Today I am trying something different. Crowdsourcing! What do you think? So here goes: Without delusion or naivete, how do you try to get to a solution with integrity? Monty Python suggests always look on the bright side of life.  It’s a great, very sarcastic song! Nihilism and bitterness are clearly not the answer, so how can we live our truth? Is accountability and encouragement part of the answer? I believe so, but what do you think?

Let me know your thoughts, and I will gladly do a blog post about your answers. I await your comments!

Until we chat again,