Fill your life with Abundance

Both giving and receiving.

Develop an Abundance Mindset

Stephen Covey

“People with a scarcity mentality tend to see everything in terms of win-lose. There is only so much; and if someone else has it, that means there will be less for me. The more principle-centered we become, the more we develop an abundance mentality, the more we are genuinely happy for the successes, well-being, achievements, recognition, and good fortune of other people. We believe their success adds to…rather than detracts from…our lives.” 

Starting out with a plan can help you focus

Steven Covey

“An abundance mentality springs from internal security, not from external rankings, comparisons, opinions, possessions, or associations.”

Ask yourself these questions every day: 

  • ~ What have I learned recently?
  • ~ What do I want to improve?
  • ~ What am I grateful for?
  • ~ What will I do today for myself?
  • ~ What will I do today for others?

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