Do you want to enjoy striving for and achieving your goals?

Do you want to work with someone who can make you laugh, as he makes you think?

I am Wayne Pratt – After years of working with bankers and accountants, (and keeping a sense of humour) and many more as a speaker and trainer, I believe I can offer something to you, your group or organization.


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I entered into Wayne’s coaching program as a skeptic. I felt that I pretty much knew what my goals were and how to get there. I was wrong!
After my first session with Wayne I became very enthusiastic about the process, and looked forward to my next session!
Wayne truly listened to me, and understood what I was saying. Then he helped me to more clearly define my goals, and to prioritize them in an effective way. By making me really think about where I want to go and what I can do to get there in concrete terms, he has helped me to gain insight into what steps I need to take to reach each of my goals.
Most importantly, during that first session I had not one but several “AHA!” moments which have given me a springboard for some new value-added offers that I will be adding to my business soon.This renewed enthusiasm is touching more aspects of my life than just my business, and it feels wonderful!”   M.A. Bell,  Digital Insite

“My vote is for Wayne Pratt, he always made me laugh, LOL.”    Irene Wiens,  Carriage House Creations