Today I am doing a deep dive on Joy. You may know that Joy is the third week of Advent. You can get fa-la-la-ed out, and miss Joy completely.

Joy it is not pleasure, and although it is discussed more during the Holidays, even tidings, unless felt, can fall on deaf ears! I don’t believe you can realise the power without the metaphysical. It is way more than how you feel; it may be closer to say it is what you know… Some of my more religious friends would add it is who you know, but that is a discussion for another time.

A sense that your spirit and the spirit (Who and What you are referring to I will leave up to you) comingle to leave you beyond circumstance. Do I live there? No, I wish! Have I been there? Yup, I want to live there more, so the journey!

Jack Canfield, a mentor of mine refers to Joy as your internal GPS. John Maxwell, another leader I follow even named his company InJoy! Suffice it to say it goes beyond the grinding out of the day!

Ok, there are enough Hallmark specials this month to connect the seasonal ‘Joy to the world” message and that message resonates with many, but what about considering not just a birth, but a rebirth?

David, the King of Israel, speaks of the Joy of the Lord more than 1000 years before wise men saw stars! So maybe, just maybe the Creator of the Universe always wanted to connect with us? You will have to sort out your Wisdom literature so it makes sense to you and your belief systems, but David Dalkins and his tribe leave me aching for something they cant fill,

So, have I opened a door? Interested in a conversation?  Want to just tell me I am nuts? Give me a call, I would love to hear what you think.  613.387.2727