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Let’s go for a ride

I am looking forward to taking you on a trip into the future. Will you join me? How about a visit to September 1, 2019?

2 Circles to consider

Is Facebook making you anxious? Does reading Twitter leave you feeling out of control? And how are you coming along with Inbox Zero?

Who do you hang with?

Jim Rohn, a speaker and author that I followed, offered that your success will mostly be an average of the five people you hang with most.

Self Employed Job Interview

If you were applying for the job you are doing for yourself, what would you expect an employer to ask you in an interview?


John Maxwell, bestselling author and public speaker puts it like this: success is what to do for yourself. Significance is what you do for others.


Today I am telling you about the third thing coaches provide, and how you can get it.
That thing is having a cheerleader.

Accountability Partners

As a Life coach, I hold the client accountable to what they said they wanted.
Holding yourself accountable is one of the key ingredients to goal achieving.

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