Well, we are a couple of weeks into a new year, yet much seems awfully familiar…My wife says it is not 2021 but month 13 of 2020!

Be that as it may, here are some thoughts about having as good a year as possible; do not base your hopes and aspirations on “IF”. “If” the vaccine takes hold, “if” the lockdown ends, “if” masks become unnecessary, etc.

These things will come, but the timing and implementation of them have very little to do with us, unless you are the head of an infectious disease department or perhaps a premier. (I’ve checked my blog subscribers, I have neither)

So the more important and certainly more urgent question is; “What can I do this week, or even better today, to make my life and my family’s life better”. Expanding on that; “what can I do to make my community stronger/better?”. And by community, I am not just talking geography. Not just your town or city, but your church or synagogue, your business or civic clubs, etc. And yes, I am seeing people asking these and other good questions.

But don’t just be content with knowing that other people are asking what they can do – break through the COVID fatigue ask “what can I or we do?” Will there still be muttering? Of course, but we must go beyond having a victim mentality and forward into pro-active change for the better! To paraphrase my Mentor, Jack Canfield, “for things to change, we have to change”.

Sounds simple, but it’s not easy, and not without challenges along the way, but it is possible! This could be our defining moment, where our clarity and passion converge to take us beyond “normal” to the new better.

Till we chat again,