Wayne Pratt, motivational speakerAs a person who has worked closely with Goal Setting and the Motivational Training Industry, I am getting concerned with our total preoccupation with “Toy” consumption. I have long coached using visuals to represent the achievement of a clear set and aspired goal. However, I think the car, boat, watch etc. should be a reflection of the service provided by the goal setter to better the client, perhaps the world. I have no time or use for the “occupy” movement, however what appears to them as moral bankruptcy may be putting the emphasis on the wrong syllable. (it makes more sense said than read.) Can I be bold and recommend that our search for significance be more than the accumulation of stuff? If you have a skill, body of knowledge, trade or asset base which produces more  than a living, I am all for enjoying the things life can bring. Focus on mastery, the bling will take care of itself. Till we chat again, W May I suggest: Outliers The Story of Success Malcolm Gladwell]]>