33604448 – junior football team training with coach[/caption] Today I bring you into the inner sanctum of life coaching. First I will let you in on a secret. Coaches get coached. I tell you this to let you know I have run into dozens of coaches, gotten coaching from several, and given coaching to many. I have found we are stuck by many of the things that stick our clients. How do we control our schedule when time is what we sell? How do we showcase our break-trough’s when our client really gets it? How do we shut up when we see a solution, when we know if it seems to come from outside it will be discounted? How do we give the business the four to five hours of focus a day when we are not with a client? I write this so you know I am not the “Sage from the stage” but am grinding it out with the rest of us. Hopefully, with our training at least we could get unstuck sooner! Till we chat again, Wayne]]>