Is Facebook making you anxious? Does reading Twitter leave you feeling out of control? And how are you coming along with Inbox Zero?

Some people like to be comfortably unhappy and regularly annoyed. I am guessing, if you are reading this, as well as other self-development literature, this is not you. However, it is easy to get trapped.

Steve Covey, twenty years ago had the answer – don’t confuse circle of influence with circle of concern. Simply put, your circle of influence is the people and things that you have some control over. Your circle of concern is the “big” things that you tend to worry about, but about which you can do little. The wisdom is knowing the difference.

Understanding what is within your circle of influence can lead to a plan of action. An overreaching circle of concern is little more than a diagnosis for stomach upset. Youth protests aside, work on things you can change.

Let me know if this is helpful.

Till we chat again, Wayne