Well, our country is in the middle of tax season. It is also a good time to evaluate where you are, and where you want to be. Did you make what you wanted to? Did that RRSP get contributed to? Are your deductions all neatly organized? No really, some people really enjoy that!

Suffice it to say, if you want next year to look different, you will have to do things differently. I think you would agree, for circumstances to change, you have to. No more playing the victim, you are 100% responsible for your choices. Not the events, just the choices you made from those events. Are you slowly, incrementally achieving your medium and long term goals? Have you even set them so you could achieve them?

I have mentioned it before, but I find it fascinating how few have clearly defined goals, and how few of those people have ever written them down. Why bother? To strive to have a definite purpose, and to backstop what you would like to achieve regardless of how you are feeling or what setbacks you may face.

Why do most people have such trouble setting goals? There are many theories, but I believe the  main two reasons are firstly that the goals they have are second hand; they are their father’s goals, or their spouse’s goals, or their bosses goals, and they just aren’t that invested in them, even though they often have not taken the trouble to find out what  they really want.

The second reason for fearing goal setting is that they came up with some grand technicolour dream once, invested no thought on how they might get there, came up with no action steps or milestones to help them chart their progress, and surprise, the supposed deadline came and went, and the goal wasn’t achieved! They then decided goal setting was for the birds, and accepted being mediocre.

OK I will admit to being harsh, but am I wrong? I would love to hear your thoughts on this article,-shoot me an e-mail.

Till we chat again,