This is one area I own. Can I get frustrated, Have I ever dipped into catastrophizing, of course! But not very often, and not for very long.
I try to offer advice only in areas I have had at least some progress in, so here goes.
Right now, you’ve probably have got a few worries on your mind. You might be thinking about a relationship or a situation at work, or this near-permanent pandemic. Maybe you’re worried about your health or whether or not you’re going to have enough money to pay the bills at the end of the month. Whatever the case, worry can happen whether we intend for it to or not. This becomes a problem, though, when worry starts to take over your life.
So, what is the goal? Is stopping worrying enough to put you on an even keel, or are you hoping for something…more? What if, instead of worrying, you could become excited, then use this excitement to get more done?
Let’s look at seven ways to achieve this:
Be Here Now
Worry has a way of trapping you anywhere but here. Either you’re worried about something which happened long ago, or you’re caught up in fretting about something still to come.  Neither is going to get you anywhere. To stop worrying, you need to focus on the present. What interests you right now?
Realize This Gets You Nowhere Fast
Worrying stops you cold. In fact, most procrastination is caused by worrying. With this in mind, why are you wasting your time and energy on worrying? Sometimes just recognizing what a waste worry is, will be enough to derail it altogether. Especially when you have better places to be.
Rewrite the Script
Get it on paper! What is the worst that can happen? What could you do to minimize any negative fallout? Even writing this down you should find your head-clearing, and you can get on to the solutions. Could there be a silver lining? Can you learn a valuable lesson? Author John Maxwell says that there is only succeeding and lessons learned. My father had a great saying; It is not fatal, and he added, what was fatal would only be fatal once. I rely on wisdom literature which says “this too will pass” If you can, visualize coming out the other side. How would you feel? What would you do? Please believe me it beats worry!
Worried about something you need to do later? Having a dress rehearsal in your head will make things go smoother and keep worry at bay entirely. This is hard for me, I tend to be a “wing it” guy, but when I practice things going successfully, more often than not, things go successfully.
Try a New Path
Challenge yourself. Find a different way to do things. Explore where this path takes you. Ask yourself, what I am really afraid of, or is this is a just a symptom? Steve Covy says “Hack the roots, not the shoots”
The main point in all of these is to enjoy the journey. This is where you find the excitement and enthusiasm, which leads to getting things done. The rest is all momentum and a whole lot of brand-new accomplishments just waiting to happen.
Hope this helps, till we chat again,