DSC_0069  If you have read the paper lately, you know that unemployment stats look bleak. I think it is time to reconsider the system from top to bottom. One challenge, is we are trying to accomplish two very separate things. One thing we are trying to accomplish is to limit personal hardship when your job comes to an end with that employer. The bigger challenge is to try to rejig structural changes, so that we spend a great deal of time subsidizing buggy whip manufacturers. So what’s the problem? Firstly, the present system costs billions of dollars. Secondly, it taxes the worker and the employer to the point of deduction fatigue. Thirdly, if someone tries to start something while  still receiving befits, we brand him or her a thief. And finally I think the biggest hardship of all, is while they are wearing their “unemployed hat” businesses are not being built, real wages are not being made, and workers are wallowing in self-pity, and letting skills atrophy. What can be done? It may not be the full solution, but I think it is time to look again to annual minimum earnings. With those roots, maybe people could find wings. At least, more things would be attempted at least. Let me know what you think. Till we chat again,                                                                          Wayne]]>