I just finished a short course by John Maxwell. He is huge in Christian Leadership circles, and is a very prolific author. I got thinking, are you following somebody? Brian Tracy, Jack Canfeild, John Maxwell and others,they all can inspire and equip. Often the starter courses are free. Most full sets are less than new golf clubs. And if you commit to self development, you will be getting rewards when the clubs are wrapped around a tree or in the back of the garage somewhere. You may be thinking, aren’t these people competing with you? No, they complement coaching. I am unlikely to be available on your drive to work where a DVD can be pouring in hopes, plans and asperations the whole commute. Also, if they have spoken to thousands over dozens of years or sold millions of books maybe they have value to offer. Where the coach becomes valuable is grinding out with you these new goals and plans week by week, month by month.So, get on google, check out some speakers which you might find interesting- let me know what you find. I am launching a seminar series in September, and I would love you to have a look: www.firstthingsfirst.ca Till we chat again, Wayne]]>