Back to the Future

When you read a business newspaper, you are told again and again how business is changing. To riff on Marty McFly (Back to the future) I believe there is a solution. It is loosely based on the old system of Guilds. But we have to accept the fact that the post-industrial age business model we knew from the fifties and sixties is gone. Get over it. Do you have a craft or talent? Do you have a computer? A phone? The 40,000 square feet factory, the walls of file cabinets, and the steno pool have all got replacements. What will it take for us to stop romancing the past, and actually produce something?  Do you want to raise sheep? Spin Wool? Make Sweaters? Sell Sweaters? Here’s an update on those ancient guilds – we can (and do) form our own much smaller and more specialized guilds. If you think I am on to something let me know. Till we chat again, W]]>