You are not likely to hear the theme of this blog from too many “success coaches” or hear preached from many motivational speakers, but I believe is very important none the less. We currently live in an all or nothing world. If we can’t fly around in G5’s (That’s a jet by the way) we are just bums and should be happy in our basement apartments. Or to but it another way, if I can’t make $100,000 per year, why even try? Now before every trainer and coach in North America brands me a heretic, let me state clearly, I very much believe in goals and stretch goals and even goals others consider huge. I just don’t  believe driving your ship into the rocks because it worked out differently than you hoped. Did you learn anything? Have you grown personally in the process? Have you set new goals driven by your new wisdom that have a much better chance a fulfillment? One of my personal passions is coaching people who society deem “disabled”. My biggest challenge is not helping them consider how they might be able to more productively use their time, in a small business, charity or whatever, it is getting them passed the learned helplessness that they have bought into because they are not fighter pilots or brain surgeons. Can they invest 10-15 hours a week building something that means something to them? Can they make five phone calls to prospects even though their phone feels like it is five hundred pounds?  Do we applaud these people? No, we tell them it is too risky, or that their business is not “real” or perhaps, if we are government agencies, we threaten to claw back dollar for dollar what little remuneration they have made! OK I will get off my soap box now, but if you think I making sense, shoot me an e-mail: Till we chat again,   Wayne]]>