Many people have struggled with employment, and several dream of being an entrepreneur, but that too has its pitfalls. May I suggest another option? Become an intrapreneur. What’s an intrapreneur?

Simply put they don’t work for, they work with. Instead of an employer, you have a client. You control your time, you supervise yourself, you own your tools, and the client gets the result he contracted for. For example, you contract to clean a parking lot for $20.00. You show up Tuesday night with a broom and garbage bags spend two hours, bill the client, get $20.00. Next Tuesday show up, spend 6 hours, it is the same $20.00. Is that fair? I don’t know, but it is commerce.  It also shows how important understanding your costing, including your time is.

Why Bother?

More sense over the control of your time.

Less time with soul sucking middle management.

The ability to make more money without groveling

Up to20-30 percent reduction in income tax costs (seek accounting help)

Maybe a shoe in to an opportunity you could not have gotten as an employee.


What risks are there?

You have no employee benefits.

You have to have the discipline to do the book keeping to survive.

Revenue Canada can undo your status and claim you as an employee. Have your ducks in a row.

You have to be prepared to think like an owner. It is not all champagne and cigars.

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