As many of my Facebook friends know, I recently did a local author signing at Indigo, here in Kingston, and yes, it was exciting! The interesting thing was, that after “Congratulations!” and “What’s it about?”, in most cases their next sentence was: “I have been meaning to write a book”, or “I want to write a book”.
If you feel that way, I want to encourage you. It is not witchcraft! I believe some of what stops us, is the mental picture of book publishing of the sixties and seventies, of which you sent out a carefully crafted cover letter and a copy of your manuscript, waited a couple of months and either got nothing or a generic rejection letter, again and again. Or perhaps, you felt so strongly that you self-published, and filled your garages and basements with cases and cases of books which now you have to sell!
I can assure you, computing and the internet have turned this model on its head. If you write a book and go through the hoops, you can be a self-published author! This used to be called “vanity press” – it is now called reality. If you are not Steven King or Stephen Covey, it’s not a cookbook, or you are not an academic, you are unlikely to get a major publisher. So what!
What has changed is: You used to write a book, make a book, then sell a book. Now you write a book, sell a book, and then make a book. An Amazon 180 degree turnaround. And yes traditional publishers seem to be developing the symptoms of acute mental disorders. (But that is another story.)
Back to the story of my book: 31 days. My mother had been pressuring me for years (as only parents can) to write a book, she even spent $1000 on a ‘publish your book’ course by Jack Canfield (Mr. Chicken Soup). I figured since he has sold half a billion books he must know something… The course was good, but one sentence was worth more than the thousand dollars.
People dread staring at a blank page for hours, so he spoke about content development. His comment: “If you have a blog, you have a book” The lights came on! I took eight years of blog posts, picked the best thirty-one, and voila, a book! It still took two years, but I am happy with the result.
If you think you can write a book, and you want more details, or just some encouragement, send me a note:
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