I was in Niagara Falls N.Y.  last week, and I got thinking about the differences between the two countries. One difference, is for the most part, if you discuss a business incubator, people in Ontario think you are talking about raising chickens. So what am I talking about? A Business Incubator is an environment where start ups can receive, office space, often mentoring, a variety of office equipment and services, and perhaps more importantly other business people to talk to and often get feedback. Much of Silicon Valley (Southern California) was and is built on this model. Even financing is often part of the package. So why are they relevant? Well, besides not reinventing the wheel, and getting twenty photocopiers, and twenty water coolers, it not only manages cost, but it let us function in the tribe, where productivity and protection work together. If you have read any of my previous posts, you can imagine a demographic that I would like to bring together to grow individual and social goals. Write me if this makes sense to you, I could use some more flag wavers,   Till we chat again,   W]]>