The gig environment is now becoming common, and I see it as mostly positive. Clearly some would prefer trading to one job, one paycheque, and maybe benefits. Thirty years ago if you had five jobs in your lifetime you were considered a flake.
Here are the benefits as I see them:

  • Layoffs become less relevant, you just get a new client.
  • Emotionally you have much more control, what were bosses are now clients.
  • You control your paycheck by controlling the gigs, what you charge becomes a marketplace issue, not a bosses whim or personalities.
  • You can be continually marketing yourself to get better gigs, and more money, not whining to managers.
  • The hours spent become mostly a series of choices. (You choose)
  • You can learn new expertise, or receive new certifications, in bite-size pieces, while using existing skills to buy the groceries.
  • The gig position or positions can be something you are passionate about.

Brian Tracy, a renowned speaker and author, suggests you should always see yourself as self-employed regardless of who signs your paycheque. (It clearly can change your attitude.)
So forget your resume, hand out brochures!
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