I am reading Napoleon Hill’s Book, The Principles of Personal Power this summer. His most famous work was Think and Grow Rich, (A must read) and is largely credited to be the father of the Motivation and Training industry. He asks the question; Do you have a definite chief aim? It struck me, even in the thirties, Napoleon had boiled 90% of all the coaching, training and motivation into one sentence. So I ask you, Do you? And if not, why not. If not, maybe here are some reasons why: Nobody told you that you should. It just wasn’t part of your culture. You were afraid that you might fail, and to quote Dr. Phil, How is that working for you? You did not believe that the time and effort to define and refine your purpose was worth the work. (see question above) You were afraid you would be held to some lofty unobtainable goal. Many successful trainers I follow believe you would not even get the vision if you could not attain it! So now what? Spend a couple of hours at a beach or park with a note pad. Ask good questions, write down what comes, don’t worry about sentence structure or spelling just get it down! It can be crafted later. You may also find my mission statement creator in my website: www.waynepratt.ca/resourses If you have undertaken this, you will find out how on or off track you are, and can seek help to get on track, perhaps from a coach, a trusted mentor or even the self-help section of Chapters. Please let me know how you found the journey. Till we chat again, Wayne]]>