No blog series on goals would be complete if we didn’t ask, are your goals big enough? Many people needlessly limit themselves by not thinking big enough and risking visualizing what they really want and probably could achieve if they dreamed bigger, and acted on these goals. So why is this? I can think of two reasons: They came from a negative family background and were always told what they couldn’t do, so they stopped trying. The second reason, as I see it, is once, long ago, they set a big goal, did not link it to action steps or incremental goals, and surprise, they did not come to fruition. These often are better categorized as wishes. So go ahead, think three years out, assume anything is possible, How would your life look different? Write it down! Now on a separate list, what can you do in the next ninety days to make these goal accomplishments more likely? Marrying the short, medium and longer term goal development will help you focus on tasks at hand and help you stay encouraged about your progress toward the big picture. Till we chat again, Wayne  ]]>