So here is my dream car. Not my goal car. Today’s post is about dreams, not wishes. Wishes are hopeless by their very nature.
Do you have a dream or two? If you don’t now, you did once. Dreams are a natural part of our wiring. If you can’t remember, one of two things probably happened: You were told, by someone in authority, usually a parent or a teacher, that you were a daydreamer, and to stop that! Whether they meant well, or were living out of their bitterness, they helped destroy a natural creative part of your being. Or reason number two, you had some dreams, and things went badly. You may have felt embarrassed, or even humiliated, and you made a vow never to let that happen again.
Let me ask you, have you ever gotten food poisoning? Did you stop eating? Maybe it took a while to try that meal again, but you did resume eating.
So now what? This weekend, put aside an hour, and start dreaming! It may be revisiting a lost dream, or perhaps, creating one or two new ones. Now put that picture in your mind, with as much clarity and vividness as you can muster. Then add the feeling of how you would feel if this dream was coming true.
Revisit it often, especially if you are going through tough times.
For some, this will be the hardest thing you have to do this week, but please believe me it will be worth it.
Start dreaming!
Till we chat again,