In the last couple of years, I have been advising people to seek out coaching, and the potential I believe could help them unlock for themselves. Last week I had a client put it focus for me. He asked me, Wayne, have you ever been coached? I realized I hadn’t shared how meaningful being coached had been for me.
Our church had gotten a new pastor, David Heasler, and he shared how valuable being coached was, stated he was a coach as well, and said he would offer it to any member for free. I had just been certified as a coach, it seemed like it could help. If only to give me more background in this new study.
After only a couple sessions, I realized I was using victim language, was letting past setbacks frame my future, and was quite stuck. (This is how I recognize in others)
Two more sessions I had broken these behaviors, was setting and achieving new goals, and was living more in freedom.
So you see, I don’t just preach it, I strive to live it.