Beyond the financial

So today I want to talk to you about goal setting. Now as some of you cringe, I did give you January off! You may be familiar with writing out your hoped for income, or if you are in sales, how many widgets sold equals that income. As well, I know it seems artificial, and you rarely crack the file until year. Why? If the goal setting was for work, you may have felt your boss was on your shoulder the time. That was about his goals, not yours. Also why just work? Is your vocation the only thing that matters? In my twenty-five years plus kicking around the self-improvement movement the other categories seem to be: Vocation Education Family Community Spiritual Physical Financial Some people attach different words, but these seem to be the general overview. So after you list what you want to make by when, take an hour and try the other six. Let me know what you discovered…… Till we chat again, Wayne]]>