It is the first week of a new year,and many of you have participated in the train wreck known as New Year’s Resolutions. “Now hold on a minute, you are a life coach, aren’t you all about goals?” Goals yes, wishes masquerading as goals not so much. So what is so wrong about Resolutions?

They are based almost solely on shouds.

I should…lose weight.

I should…exercise more.

I should…save more.

I should…drink less.

You probably see my point, Then we go for one to six weeks, break them, and filled with guilt, go back to our lives. This is why it is so easy to get on the equipment at the gym in March. So, what could be different?

Don’t list any goal without a “why”. The reason the goal is important to you. Dr. Victor Frankl, A Nazi prison camp survivor, and who wrote “Man’s Search for Meaning, said “You can stand any what, if you have a strong enough why”. What are your why’s?

The final equation is the “action step” or mini goals. You have something you would like to change or develop ninety days from now. Okay, what can you achieve in the next 30 days, or even better next week, to get you closer to your ninety day goal. It is the same process with the one and three year goals. Break them down then write them down. It works!

Want to get to the next step? Want to work from clarity?

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And by the way, Happy New Year!