No, I am not confused, and my calendar is not broken. I am talking about Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. I think you would agree with me, a new year and a fresh start sounds pretty attractive. A new year in September always made more sense to me anyway. The harvest is mostly in, the weather has changed, but there is enough time to be hopeful. Freezing, getting drunk, and claiming I am going to loose 25 lbs. next year always seemed to be stupid.
Did you ever see that magic trick where they remove the tablecloth from the fully set table? Well, this year not so much, broken plates and silverware everywhere! However, the table is empty, how are you going to reset it? No existing obstacles, no previous  opinions on “how we do it here” . Let us focus on what we want rather than what we had. As my hero, Jim Roan said “Now is not the time to be broke, sick and stupid” Let’s build back better.
So, Monday September 21, it’s a New Year, lets make it a great one, and you can get a three month head start on everybody else!
Until we chat again,