How do you see your goals being achieved? What steps can you take from where you are, to where you want to be? I think part of the answer is vividly picturing their achievement. Our mind thinks in pictures, so any step to making those picture’s clearer will make the goals appear  sooner. Dream about a trip to Hawaii? Get brochures or better yet, a poster of Hawaii, Is it a new car? Same thing, get a brochure or two. Jack Canfield, (Mr. Chicken soup) recommends going to the dealership and having a salesperson take a picture of you in the driver’s seat!)  Put these pics where you are going to see them. Some  people have created and used vision boards and binders to imprint what they want to achieve on their minds. I have even bought screen savers which takes images of what I want to obtain, and put them on my monitor so they are front and center when I am on the computer. I also recommend spending a few minutes a week thinking and imagining these pictures as obtained. I recommend adding mini goals to this visioning list so you stay encouraged. Till we chat again,   Wayne  ]]>