Is that Amazon gift card burning a hole in your pocket?

Many of us got those cards this Christmas, but even if not, it’s still worth your buck to spend $30.00 and get Atomic Habits by James Clear.

It is a best-seller, 30,000,000 copies, and for good reason! It provides a fresh take on the what and whys of what you do, and perhaps how not to dread New Year’s resolutions!

At first glance he seems to be somewhat anti-goal-setting, so it seemed a little off-putting (I sell goal-setting after all), but his concepts make sense, and if you work through them should provide you a firm footing on how to get and be more in 2023.

Buy the book, read three chapters, and call me at 613.387.2727 or send me a note at

I would love to hear what you think.

Happy New Year,