I cleaned my trailer yesterday, no big deal, but I planned to sell it a month ago. I knew I couldn’t sell it without taking pictures, and I couldn’t take pictures without cleaning it up. I spent a month in Should have, and one afternoon doing it.
How did I start? I bought a hose. It seems like a little thing, but it started a chain of events which got me closer to my goal, a sold trailer.
So I ask you, what is your “should of” list? When can you buy your hose? I tell you this story to illustrate that coaches are also people, and we understand the daily grind of the differences between the hoped for and the delivered. My goal is not to appear as the sage from the stage, but the guide from the side.
So I ask you, what small action step can you do today or tomorrow to get you closer to that dream goal?
Let me know! I promise you this, Your belief in yourself and what you can accomplish based on these small regular steps will astound you. I will let you know when the trailer sells.
Until we chat again,