31 days comes from boiling down eight years of my blog posts into my best 31 articles. Or at least, my favorites.
This book was more satisfying to produce. My first book, “Life Coach Secrets Exposed” which I wrote with my Friend, Percy Barr, was more of a “bucket list” exercise. The dream was to write a book to prove we could, and we did! (Available free on my website. www.waynepratt.ca
In 31 days I got to pour more of my soul on to the page. (I hope you like the illustrations) It felt like I was talking to the reader.
Do you think you have a book in you? Many do, but most only dream and wish. I was occasionally daunting, but the technology and tools available makes what seemed impossible, possible. Hey I am a life coach, making the impossible possible is what I do!
Now you need not fill garages with unwanted books, or spend years receiving rejection letters.
You need some passion for the content, some perseverance, and the ability to communicate your thoughts in a way that engages the reader.  (At least that is the hope.) Don’t know how to start? May I recommend a coach….Ya, I know, my shameless plug.
Want to learn more? Or buy a copy? Go to: http://31days.ca