I want to talk about what is called in strategic planning known as zero-based thinking. Simply put, knowing what you now know, would you be doing what your doing? Many people make their future a slave of their past. Should a decision made in a grade ten guidance class, or an ad from a classified twenty years ago affect your future days? So you hate your job, you hate your life, and you feel trapped. So now what?  So, do you quit your job, leave your wife, and move to Tibet? Not what I am recommending. It is truly time for change of just a dry spell? Here is where journaling, meditation, and even prayer become your toolkit. Is there a lateral move that would use your past skills yet be more fulfilling?  Are there courses or alliances that you can make to see if that new role would be as fulfilling as you hoped? Here time is your friend. Take 60-90 days to fully consider what these new choices might mean. You may even decide that where you are is where you want to be, but it will be a choice! If I have struck a cord, and you want to explore coaching on this, the first session is on me. Till we chat again,   Wayne]]>