Today I am living in Gratitude! It is beautiful at the lake, I have appointments that I think will matter, I have people that care about me, and I believe I am moving forward toward my goals! Why I am I saying this? Am I just bragging? I don’t think so. If you even walk in to Chapters self-improvement section or type “Attitude” in Google, and read almost anyone’s posts, Canfield, Tracy, Robbins, it will nearly always point to attitude. One of the keys to a good attitude is to be grateful for what you already have. Not satisfied necessary, but grateful. Let me assure you, I am preaching to myself first. Have I ever been grumpy or annoyed, and want to go in to the garden and worms… of course! Would you try journaling daily for a month? Could you catch your self in negative self talk and switch it to something positive? you have very little to lose. Enjoy your day as best you can. Till we chat again, Wayne P.S The graphic is not me or from today…..    ]]>