Well, here goes my E Christmas Card. I Hope the days before Christmas find you full of Joy and at Peace. Our daughter got married last week, so we are still making adjustments. What do I want this Christmas? More people to help. A stronger belief that I walk my talk. ( never trust a barefoot shoemaker) I want a tangible way to be of more help to the discouraged and the disfranchised. The odd loonie  in the kettle is a start, but I sense both me and the people I hang with could do more. I want to be a better husband. I don’t know that means totally yet, but I am sure my wife will advise me. What about you? Is your Christmas season shaping up to be the best so far? If not, why not? Jim Rohn, one of my favorite speakers said “You cant change your destination over night, but you can change your direction immediately. So go ahead, change direction. I recommend picking and writing down one or two goals that would make the 2018 Christmas season more joyous, and then writing the three or four action steps or tasks per goal that would make that achievement more likely. If you undertake this, please let me know, I want to be an encourager along the way. Till we chat again, Wayne  ]]>