8834915 – close up a calendar page[/caption] It is a new year, time to think, and time to plan. Not a time to resolve. Resolutions set you up to fail. Gyms are the best example of profiting from this failure. If everyone who bought a membership in January was using it April, not only could not get on the equipment, you couldn’t find a place to park! So, I bet you are thinking, So why is a coach against change. I assure you I am not. Both goal setting, and affirmations both positively change lives. So what is the difference? The date. by May 25 I will weigh… By June 6 I will have saved… Can you see the difference? An affirmation by the way is just seeing the success in the present tense on that future date. The main purpose of a coach is to help you design and hold your self accountable to the action steps required to achieving these large desired goals which seem so far in the future. I do hope 2018 becomes a vessel for all you can dream or imagine. If I can help give me a call. Till we chat again, Wayne    ]]>