This is a hobby horse of mine. I think people are not owning their goals. I have a friend who spent a year and a half flirting with alcoholism so he could avoid becoming a lawyer, which was his girlfriend’s dream for him. The miserable Doctor whose father was a Doctor and made it clear that was what was expected, is almost a metaphor. Not only fathers and girlfriends, but our culture also tries to force their choices and opinions on us, I have another friend who believes success is flying around in private jets. And because he can’t, he does nothing. The most specific example which effects my clients, is goal setting for people with disabilities. No one wants to feel stupid, or a slacker, so when they compare themselves to others or other people’s goals they just give up. I recommend setting small goals, achieve them, and then stack them, so that big goals don’t seem that surprising. Try it! Spend an hour setting some personal goals for you. Let me know how it went. Till we chat again, Wayne]]>