This blog you are not going to hear many other places. “It is called, “plan for bad days”. There is a myth out there that if you are not hard driving 70 hours a week, you are just not in business. And unlike the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy this myth is crippling lives. I coach several people with illnesses and disabilities, and they tell me “measuring up” is one of their biggest fears. I ask them, measuring up to what? Their goal set? Their client’s expectations?Their trusted advisors expectations? Whether they are on the cover of Fortune Magazine is not a criteria. Can you only work three days a week and stay well? Then work three days! Do you need to move an appointment because the path from your door to the bus stop seems one hundred miles? (Make sure you make the next one) Then move it! Make sure your face time with customers is quality time. If you are worried your goal sheet is a little light, not a problem, get those goals achieved then set bigger ones. You don’t have to compare yourself to anyone, and yes, I am preaching to myself as well. Get started, if you have started, get going! Till we chat again,   Wayne]]>