Today’s note is about two things, purpose and packaging. If you have been following me for a while, you know I like to help people be all they they can be. The other part of the puzzle is the packaging. What would create an environment where I could do well by doing good? A friend and I recently rediscovered Napoleon Hill’s seminal work, Think and Grow Rich. Hill spends much of the book discussing a concept he referred as the Master Mind group. It is simply, a small group usually 4-6 people, committed to the  wellbeing of the fellow members and developing opportunities and solving problems with each other, and in turn gaining new insights on their own situation. He believed that if the right people were chosen, it was almost like there was another mind at work helping solve these problems beyond the finite capabilities of the group. Therefore; The Mastermind. Countless groups have been prospering with these tools, including such Luminaries as Jack Canfield (Mr. Chicken Soup) We wondered; what would make this powerful material more up to date?  We think we got it. Combine this timeless work with the power and speed of the internet. Independent of geography and venues, without even finding a parking space.  Using the power of Skype and our proprietary website, the hour you spend in the meeting is an hour you spend developing you and your future not discussing last nights ball game or the weather.We are looking for beta testers, so you can even check us out for free! Wayne]]>