Well, it is a fact, as a society we have never been richer, older or fitter. So you got 25 years plus in a career, you are headed for the door or being pushed. You are too young for lawn bowling, and probably have 20 years of active life or more left. So now what? Are you still looking for that next $500 per month? Are you looking to monetize a hobby? What about that quest or mission you shelved for when you had time? Well, now you have that time! Are you scared to death? Good, if not it wouldn’t be challenging would it? So if you are stuck, I can help get you unstuck. I need one hour, (the time is on me) a medium regular coffee, and a one to two-page plan of what you want to do, how you plan to do it, and why it should be you and not somebody else. Not 100 pages, you notice 3 max. Let me assure you, over three and I am probably not the guy who should be helping you anyway. What will you get? Clarity about what you are trying to do. Perhaps an advisor who has been there, done, that. In a perfect world, perhaps a fan and a champion. And at least, if you have produced gibberish, a chance to retool before you spend more time or money! Till we chat again, Wayne]]>