This post may be the most important you have read from me in the last twelve weeks!

Take a half-hour and review your long term goals. Do you still want that? Have you found something better? Have circumstances changed so that other solutions would fill you needs more appropriately?

I am not one of the coaches who aspire to the mantra fill out your 3-5 year goals, put it in your “magic drawer” wait 3 years and voila! Can it happen? Sure, will it happen? Not so sure.

From what I have seen and experienced, medium and long term goals, backed up by short-term goals and action steps which are pointing you in the right direction, will more likely lead to accomplishing your goals, even more importantly give you a sense of satisfaction on your journey. I think there are few things more tragic than someone with five-year goals that always seem to stay five years out.

So now you have reviewed your goals, made minor course corrections, and have included action steps to help these goals be achieved. Now what?

As the shampoo bottle says; rinse and repeat!

Till we chat again,