The Future Lies Ahead When Dustin Hoffman was the Graduate in that famous 60’s movie, he was given one word  as career advice, that word was “plastics”. If I was offering two words for the next generation they would be “second career”. Many people dream of retiring at sixty-five.   So if you retire at sixty-five and live till eighty-five or ninety, what can you productively do for much of those twenty or twenty five years? Golf becomes work after two or three games a week, and most people find travel, when a full time diet, gets old. So what is there to do?My personal suggestion is to go back to that “Someday I’ll….” list. Everyone has one. Is there a career that you dreamed of but just never had the courage or the right timing to do? Astronaut or ballerina might be out of the question, but really, what have you got to lose?  So, what are your gifts?  What do I mean? Have you ever listened to a musician, and thought he or she is gifted? Well, music is only one of several gifts, and you probably have one or two you are strong in. If you want to know more, go to Google, type in gifting seminars, and find one to take! Too many people picked a career because someone in grade ten told them that’s where the jobs were. We raised an entire society of people paid well to hate their jobs.   This maybe your chance to do what you love, To quote the great Wayne Gretzy- “You always miss 100% of the slots you never take.” If this makes sense and you take the plunge, let me know, I would love to know how it worked out. Till we chat again, W      ]]>