No I am not confused, and I don’t have the dates wrong. I celebrate my New Year on September 1.
Now, to be fair, my birthday is August 28 so it is not that much of a stretch.  As well, my Jewish friends celebrate Rosh Hashanah, which is the Jewish New Year, near the end of September. Academic calendars often run from September till August, so I am not alone in my opinion.
To me, it makes much more sense to start the New Year at the turn of the season. The harvest is often in, the season changes, the new school year has started, Thanksgiving is in the air, and it is a very effective time to meditate on what was, and what is to be become. It sure beats getting drunk on overpriced champagne and freezing in a snowbank!
As well, if you start fresh and start implementing new behaviors now, you will be three months ahead of your friends and colleagues.   Breaking weight loss vows in February will become less of a ritual, and you won’t have to fight for a parking space at the gym in January! (the only month most people go.)
So, if you are looking back on the past year, what went right? What went wrong? What have you learned from the events? What can you be thankful for? What can you do about it?
Let me know what you think, and Happy New Year!