DSC_0069 Today I continue the series on starting a small business, a process I call microprenuering. A crucial step comes from Stephen Covey’s book the Seven Habits of Highly Successful People. I refer to “Sharpen the saw” It tells of a man who sets out to cut trees. The first day cuts two cords of wood. The next day cut less than a cord, and on the third day barley half a cord, a neighbour asked if he had sharpened the saw, he said  he did not have time, there was too much wood to cut. We can be like that lumberjack. So how do we sharpen the saw? Get enough sleep, read thing that interest us, especially Wisdom Literature. Hobbies, sports and  our communities, all sharpen the saw. Go back at it refreshed and relaxed and you will be amazed how much more wood you can cut! Till be chat again, Wayne]]>