I want to reflect a little deeper in the water today. While
you are striving for success, do you ever think about significance?

One could argue which is better. However, I think it is
clear, significance can last longer.

Money can be stripped away, reputation can change in a
heartbeat, looks are fleeting, but significance can last generations.

John Maxwell, bestselling author and public speaker, puts it
like this: success  is what to do for
yourself. Significance is what you do for others.

So, I risk the hard question, are you involved in developing
something significant? You may just be starting, you may just have started
looking, it’s ok, it is the journey that is important. It is said, vision is to
plant trees you will not even get shade from. It is also said if you have a
year, plant a garden, if you have twenty years plant a tree, if you have a
lifetime, plant people. What are you planting?

You may not be consciously thinking about this right now,
but let me assure you, you have, when you were six or seven you wanted to be an
astronaut, a doctor or a superhero. (You should have seen my cape.)

So let’s reimagine, what would you like to be known for?
Steve Covey, in his bestselling book, The Habits of Highly Effective People,
says, begin with the end in mind. That is, what do you want said at your

Don’t get overwhelmed on me, the key is small regular steps,
repeated often. Think about the ten year overnight success. Get something on
paper. What do you think matters? What do you enjoy? If paying the bills was
not an issue, how would you fill your days?

/wp:paragraph wp:paragraph

Mind map something on a pad, don’t worry about sentence
structure or grammar, there is lots of time for that. Come back to it three
days or a week later, does it still excite you? Now develop the paragraphs. Get
two or three people that you like and trust to read it over, do they share your

Here is where the world can change. The key is to start!

Till we chat again.