About a year ago I got sick. In case you were wondering, sick enough to quit work, not sick enough to price caskets. I have learned a few things that I hope you find useful.

Although it seems that nothing to do would be wonderful, when you are dealing with a high stress day, after about day nine it isn’t. We are creatures designed for activity or even perhaps pro-activity. So after some time of probably deserved leisure, you need to ask the “Now what” question.

May I recommend you separate the how to find work question and what do I want to do, be and have questions. And yes if you have been following me for a while you know this is one of my favorite hobby horses. I still believe strongly we should at least try for achieving our purpose before we become a greeter at Walmart.

So if you have taken a permanent leave or been retired, especially if it wasn’t your idea, the phone calls from your contact list soon stop. I once phoned myself just to make sure the phone worked. So, what can you do? Make the calls to the people important to you yourself. Yes they could have called you, it doesn’t matter. If you want them in your life call them!

Men often equate their worth with their jobs, so be careful, if a fulfilling task or activity is not forthcoming, and make sure you do not slide into depression. At least be aware of the signs.

We are the first or perhaps the second generation to deal with meaning and purpose post sixty not because the journey is more complicated, it is because before then usually you were either dead or dead broke. “Warm up the beans, dear I am pondering life” Not likely.

So what is my point? You may have twenty or even thirty years left on the planet, and hopefully enough physical strength to plod on, and yes, I know the pace is slower.  So may I recommend try to make the last chapters of the book worth reading.

Want some help? Read or re-read Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.


Till we chat again,