As a public speaker, I am often asked “So what do you do?” Or – “How do you motivate me?” I will let you in on a secret; all permanent change is within. My job is either to entertain or at best, help you decide what it is you want. I believe it was J.P. Morgan who said “All goal setting is simple, decide what you want, decide what price you must pay, and resolve to pay that price. All else is corollary,” The real tragedy is so few have decided what it is they want. One issue I believe strongly in, is that healthy goal setting is more than just stuff. Toys and perhaps some travel are nice, but what you want to be is far more important than what you want to have. With the near collapse of the North American Banking system, some people are getting off the treadmill, and asking themselves “what do I want to be when I grow up? Please let me know If you find an answer or if I can help you get there. Till we chat again, W  ]]>