As you consider being coached, please ask yourself, if you really want things to change? To find out if coaching is right for you please answer the following questions and email the rated answers to me at  I will e-mail the score key without obligation. Please rate each question on a scale of 1 to 5. 1                              2                                3                                  4                              5 Less true                                                                                                       More true I look forward to hearing from you!

  1. I find I enjoy discussing my dreams, hopes, and aspirations with someone invested in my success.
  1. I believe that for things to change, I must change.
  1. I often think about making changes to improve myself.
  1. I believe in the power of goal setting, and have set goals for myself which I strive to achieve.
  1. My goals are written down, and I have established time lines.
  1. I would appreciate and benefit from an accountability partner.
  1. I take feedback well, and can often integrate advice if I think it is sound.
  1. I do not believe I am accomplishing all that I am capable of doing.
  1. I believe learning and growth are lifelong pursuits.
  1. I do not feel I am where I want to be and would invest in the some short term discomfort to get where I want to go.  I have often tried to set new goals and behaviours, but have allowed other things to interfere.
  1. I am interested in making these changes sooner rather than later.
  1. I realise over the long term, circumstances are less important than attitudes.
  1. I have goals, but achieving them seems too far in the future to motivate me.
  1. I realize that achieving my goals is my responsibility alone.
  1. I believe coaching could be useful, and I will personally invest the time and energy to allow the process to succeed.
  1. I am interested in replacing the noise and clutter in my life and thought processes, and replacing them with focus thoughts and striving toward achieving my goals.
  1. I regularly revisit my goals to make sure they still fulfill my purposes. In addition, have I learned new information which makes substitutions or timeline revisions more effective?
  1. I know what success looks like for me, and I can see myself achieving the goals I have set.
  1. I realise that my present is all that I can change, and it is more important than my past.
  1. I believe small incremental steps in the right direction, will go the furthest toward my big goals.
  1. I understand that someone outside my circumstances could bring a fresh perspective to what I am feeling and facing.
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